A Scientific Process with a Personal Approach

From a bird downing a twin-engine helicopter to a dental drill attachment separating from its handpiece while in a patient’s mouth, no two investigations at Edison Engineering are the same. However, there are certain core principles which provide a framework for our inquiries.

Fundamentally, our scientific and engineering analysis rests on hard physical evidence and factual data. Our process typically consists of three phases, each building off the others:

  • Collecting and reviewing information
  • Performing relevant inspections, analyses, calculations, simulations, and tests
  • Assessing and delivering the results

This is usually an iterative process and requires us to be flexible and creative in our approach, especially when we deliver the results to you in a format that’s both actionable and comprehensible.

Edison Engineering’s decades of investigative experience have taught us that often times an accident occurs not because of a single failure or occurrence, but due to multiple items all contributing to an accident, mishap, or event. Our deep and broad technical background leaves us well equipped to recognize and evaluate all of these factors so we can understand the roles played by the person, the machine, and the environment as well as the relationships between them.

Regardless of the exact circumstances, Edison Engineering is happy to provide you a free initial consultation to see if our capabilities are a match for the situation you are confronting.

Contact us today to get your investigation moving in the right direction.