As the founder and Principal Engineer of Edison Engineering, Dr. John Meyer is committed to providing clients with the personal attention, responsiveness, and clearly explained scientific results they deserve.

Prior to founding Edison Engineering, John began his consulting career at Exponent Failure Analysis Associates and worked at several other engineering consulting companies. Conducting investigations over more than two decades, he has applied his technical background and interdisciplinary expertise on a wide range of projects. John regularly consults on matters involving complex accident investigation and reconstruction; mechanical engineering issues involving machine design, risk assessment, and mechanical failure analysis; and intellectual property disputes. Whether it’s analyzing the cause of a twin-engine helicopter crash or determining the impact speed of a fire extinguisher thrown off a multi-story parking ramp, no investigation is too big or too small for Dr. Meyer.

John has Ph.D. and S.M. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as a B.S. in Physics from Bethel College. He is also an Illinois licensed Professional Engineer.

John grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and now resides in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and four children ranging in age from middle school to college. He’s an avid hockey fan and still plays on an adult league team.