Ensuring Everything Is Up to Standard

Standards and codes aren’t designed to catch businesses or manufacturers doing something the wrong way. Rather, they exist to improve safety and reduce injury. Built on the insights and experiences of experts throughout an industry, standards and codes can often be complex and difficult for businesses to understand. When you need to be certain your machines or products meet the applicable standards and codes, Edison Engineering is here to help. We’re also here to determine whether or not a machine or product was compliant at the time of an accident, even when that accident happened many years ago before current standards were established.

Our broad engineering background positions us to understand the technical requirements of the most complicated standards and codes. We can help you:

  • Determine if a machine or product was compliant at the time of an accident
  • Test the compliance of a product that’s currently in development
  • Check your machines for compliance to help you prevent future accidents or fines
  • Assess a product that doesn’t have directly applicable standards

Although compliance is strongly recommended for business purposes, it is not a guarantee that your products or machines are inherently safe. There is always a level of risk present regardless of adherence to specific standards and codes. That’s why we always recommend a thorough risk assessment in addition to compliance evaluations. This can help you determine if your products or machines possess acceptable risk levels that may not necessarily be achieved simply by reaching a state of compliance.

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