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Edison Engineering is a nationwide consulting engineering firm dedicated to the unbiased investigation of accidents, mishaps, and failures of all kinds. Leveraging decades of experience and the latest technology, we conduct thorough, independent, and fact-based technical analyses to ensure you get the unassailable answers you deserve. No matter how high the stakes of your case are, we give you personal attention and deliver actionable results that are always comprehensive and comprehensible.

By combining a broad engineering and scientific background with deep insight and technical skills, we can see the big picture while also appreciating the nuanced details of each unique situation. Our team has worked on a wide range of cases from simple accident reconstruction to in-depth investigations with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. With strong expertise in mechanical engineering, a wide range of experience in other disciplines, and an extensive network of high-caliber consultants, we can handle virtually any investigation. Knowing that the best results are even more meaningful when backed by an accurate and detailed explanation, we work diligently to provide clear conclusions every time.

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