A scientific approach to finding the answers

We believe accident reconstruction is more than just planes, trains, and automobiles. It’s about finding out what happened no matter the device or machine — from baby seats to complex industrial machinery, and garbage cans to tower cranes. We utilize scientific methodologies to accurately reconstruct and explain the circumstances of an accident so you can understand exactly what happened and why it happened.

The reconstruction of an accident is the synthesis of many different investigative elements. During the reconstruction process, we determine the right methods for the most accurate results. Even the smallest investigation is complex and may include:

  • Physical inspections of accidents sites and evaluation of the machines or devices involved
  • Analysis of witness statements and others closely related to the accident
  • Review and photogrammetric analysis of photographic and video evidence
  • Engineering analyses to gain insights into speeds, forces, motions, distances, timings or other pertinent factors
  • Unit or component testing to verify, probe further, and better understand
  • Evaluations and analyses of the human performance and actions and the role they may have played in the accident

Each accident is unique, and as a result, every reconstruction is different. While Edison Engineering uses the latest technology in accident reconstruction, we rely on our education, training, and experience to determine the technology best suited for providing accurate answers within your budget and time constraints.

Edison Engineering has over two decades of experience with all manner of accidents and investigations, large and small, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Industrial accidents, including issues of guarding, training, lockout-tagout, operator behavior and machine design
  • Construction accidents, including those involving cranes, lifts, excavators, skid-steers, concrete buggies and other equipment
  • Accidents involving consumer products such as power nailers, garage door openers, exercise equipment, trimmers, strollers, bicycles, or baby seats
  • Vehicle-related accidents, including lifts, skid-steers, golf carts, ATV and utility vehicles, bikes, motorcycles, heavy trucks, buses, drones, aerostats, helicopters, and oh yes, planes, trains, and automobiles

Contact us today for an unbiased approach to accident reconstruction that will bring you the unassailable answers you need.