Getting to the Root of Failure

Product and system failures can result in significant physical harm, death, and economic damage. At Edison Engineering, we are dedicated to analyzing, understanding, and preventing failures of mechanical systems and components. By combining our broad scientific backgrounds with our engineering expertise, we have successfully analyzed thousands of product and system failures, applying a variety of analytical techniques to understand what happened.

When a product or system does fail, it’s vital to understand what went wrong. By evaluating forces, the effects of loading, stress concentrations, vibrations, fatigue, material properties, and human interaction, we can identify the root cause of a failure. Using these same techniques, we can also evaluate a design relative to parameters such as strength, durability, and wear. Depending on the particular scenario, we may use tools such as stress analysis, finite element analysis (FEA), failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), computer aided simulation, and physical testing. During our analysis, we consider a wide range of factors including the item or part involved, the materials utilized, the manufacturing method employed, and the service environments experienced.

The sectors served by Edison Engineering include:

  • Transportation — trains, planes, and automobiles
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Consumer products

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