Analysis built on a strong foundation

When the safety of a product or machine is called into question, the consequences can be far-reaching and have lasting implications for both companies and end users. Whether you’re in the process of designing a product or need to investigate the possible failure of a machine, Edison Engineering can provide a detailed analysis that delivers unbiased results.

We utilize engineering and scientific principles to evaluate the design and safety of products and equipment manufactured both for consumer use as well as in industrial applications. Depending on the circumstances of your project, we may evaluate the following in order to accurately assess the overall design:

  • Design intent
  • Design considerations and tradeoffs
  • Usage
  • Warnings and safety messages
  • Maintenance and compliance with both industry standards as well as government regulations

We can perform product or machine design analysis independently or as a part of an accident reconstruction.

After completing our analysis, we provide you with detailed results that clearly identify any deficiencies, risks, or weaknesses we found in the product or machine in question. These results are vital to understanding the next steps of your project, and we provide the personal attention and clarity you need to determine what those next steps might be.

Contact us today for product or machine design analysis that will help give your project the answers you need.