Helping you calculate and understand risk

In the year 2013, 903 people in the United States were accidentally killed by their own bedding. Virtually everything, under some circumstances, is capable of causing harm. Conversely, safer alternatives likely exist; almost every product can be made safer by reducing the product benefits, increasing the product cost, or both. Edison Engineering is here to help you understand these factors so you can make more well-informed decisions.

Engineering design often involves addressing tradeoffs between functionality, safety, and economic viability. At Edison Engineering, we use proven engineering judgment to help you determine the appropriate emphasis to place on each of these areas. We understand how the concepts of safety and risk relate to engineering design, and we have the background and experience to make qualified design assessments and perform a full risk analysis when necessary. Whether bringing a product to market or evaluating the design of a machine in response to an incident, we can assist you in making a proper product evaluation.

Our risk assessment and product design evaluation services help you:

  • Determine risk levels to discover areas where a product could be made safer
  • Propose new ideas to address identified risk areas
  • Evaluate existing product designs to better understand specific features and risk levels

Contact us today for risk assessment and product design evaluation services that will help bring your project to life.