Uncovering Data from Photos and Videos

Figuring out exactly what happened in any incident requires a thorough analysis of all the facts. However, the quantifiable information necessary to find the answers is rarely all there. Fortunately, we can often turn to photographs or video to uncover critical missing information. By employing photogrammetric analysis, Edison Engineering is often able to turn photos and video into the data that helps us find the answers.

Our advanced photogrammetric techniques allow us to synthesize optics, geometry, mathematics, and physics to transform the information in images into quantifiable measurements—distances, lengths, angles, heights, etc.—needed for our investigation. We commonly use photogrammetry in cases where:

  • An accident scene is too hazardous to obtain measurements
  • Items are moved before measurements can be obtained
  • Measurements aren’t taken because they are initially considered unimportant
  • The accuracy of the initial measurements is questionable

No matter what the situation, our photogrammetric analysis is capable of producing results with the same accuracy as immediate measurements taken at the scene.

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