Unbiased Accuracy and Reliable Results

Unsubstantiated claims and untested hypotheses can be the downfall of any investigation. Proper testing is a must whether you’re developing a new product or coming up with a new theory. Edison Engineering can engineer specific tests, determine the necessary instrumentation, ensure tests are conducted in a scientific and reproducible manner and interpret the results. With the expectation that our findings will be fully scrutinized, we approach every test with a commitment to unbiased accuracy and full transparency. Our custom testing and engineering services are ideal for:

  • Testing theories or claims
  • Reconstructing events
  • Determining if a hypothesis is within or outside the bounds of possibility
  • Testing an item to a given standard

We conduct all tests in our own facilities or through established collaborative relationships with specialized outside laboratories. Our clients always benefit from the latest technology, calibrated and properly maintained equipment, and experienced and efficient technicians.

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