Determining the Roles People Play

Human involvement is a critical element of nearly all accidents or mishaps. Getting to the bottom of any investigation requires a thorough understanding of the role people played. Our scientific approach to human factors encompasses everything that can influence people and their behavior. We closely analyze an individual’s capabilities and limitations to help explain why a person might have behaved in a certain manner and how that behavior may have contributed to an event.

At Edison Engineering, we understand and appreciate the importance of the human element in an accident. By studying and investigating how humans and machines interact, we can help you understand the role humans may have played in an event. Examples of human factors issues we can assist with include:

  • Human behavior, including experienced and inexperienced users, operators, drivers, and witnesses
  • Lighting, visibility, visual conspicuity and nighttime scene analysis, including photography
  • Warnings and safety information evaluation and development
  • Use and misuse of consumer products or industrial machines
  • The human element in accidents, incidents, and mishaps, including the role of attention, expectation, reaction, and memory
  • Product usability and ergonomic assessment

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