Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is often the heart of who you are and what you do. When this property is infringed on or challenged, your livelihood can suddenly be at stake. Edison Engineering provides technical services for issues involving patent infringements and intellectual property disputes. We are here to help you and your clients by providing the information you need to successfully secure your intellectual property.

With decades of experience and a deep background in scientific and engineering principles, Edison Engineering can assist in a wide range of intellectual property matters including:

  • Claims review. Claims define and limit the intellectual property protection provided by a patent. Our familiarity with the patent process and well-established technical competence in many subject matters help ensure proper reading and interpretation.
  • Infringement analysis. We perform a thorough examination to determine if a product falls within the scope of a valid patent’s claims. Such a determination requires a detailed understanding of the patent’s claims construction and a thorough technical understanding of a product’s features and design.
  • Prior art and invalidity analysis. The existence of prior art can preclude the patentability of a new product or invention. At the early stages of a patent application, thorough knowledge of the technical details of existing prior art provides the foundation for the development of a solid and robust application. When new prior art emerges after issuance, we can provide technical analysis of the features of the art as it relates to claims construction to determine the likelihood of invalidity.
  • Reverse engineering and design analysis. Reverse engineering is used to determine the basic operational principles of a product or design with the goal of developing new competing versions of a product or determining its flaws and weaknesses. Proper reverse engineering approaches always start with proper application of engineering-first principles such that objective and accurate results are obtained. Our experience in product design and development coupled with our solid engineering background provides thorough and objective conclusions to such efforts.
  • Forensic evaluation and testing. We use forensic engineering to identify a product’s cause or causes of failure. The goal may be to improve or change the design of a product in order to eliminate a problem, to provide foundational information in an intellectual property or patent dispute, or to assist the court in determining the facts relative to an accident or dispute. Where appropriate, laboratory testing may be undertaken to assist in these efforts.
  • Animations and demonstrative exhibits. In order to assist in conveying the results of our analyses, we may prepare animations or other demonstrative exhibits.

Regardless of the specifics of your unique case, we can help. Contact Edison Engineering today for technical expertise that will help you secure your intellectual property.